Thursday, March 10, 2022


On March 7th we welcomed two new babes to the farm! Lucille and Vern! Born in the wee early hours, when I got out there at 7 am, they were dried and perfect!  Laverne is a fantastic mom. I'm so proud of these two cutie patooties! 
Lucille, little doll! She is moon spotted like her mother and her father.
Verne is black with brown legs and a white crest on his head. 

I don't know if I ever showed y'all this gorgeous boy... this is Newt. He was born on December 3rd and he is STUNNING! He's thick and his coloring is just striking. I just love him!
Welcome to our farm little ones! We promise to take good cared of you! 

Tuesday, January 4, 2022

Snow in Georgia for the New Year!

It's hard to believe, but we had our first snow of the year and it was only January 3rd!!!

It was a chance, but that chance turned into some beautiful winter weather. 

We made ourselves cozy inside with some good food, books, and time together. I puttered around in the kitchen most of the day... but did stop to fold the mountain of laundry with Carlie as we watched some shows together. It's a fun way to pass the time of laundry!
As Eli headed to work, he called me letting me know that there was a problem! We had a tree down over the road. So he and Abe went and removed the tree so he could go to work and Abe could go hunt!

I knew everyone was cold and after Shannon and Abe being out in the weather Carlie suggested we make a pot of hot chocolate. 
I gathered the ingredients and pulled out the crockpot. 

This is what I used

Crockpot Hot Chocolate
6 cups milk
2 cups cream
(or, like I used 8 cups of whole milk)

1-2 cups of sugar or sweetener of choice and depending on how sweet you like it
1 can of sweetened condensed milk or you could use 1 cup sugar and 1 can sweetened cond. milk

2 tsp vanilla
1/2 cup cocoa
2 cups chocolate chips
(we did a mix of milk and semi sweet)

Whisk all ingredients and cook on low stirring occasionally til it is all warmed through and the chocolate is melted.
Usually takes about 2 hours... 
DO NOT turn on hot and walk away too long... it can scorch the milk.


Wednesday, December 22, 2021

Bake Day 2021

Bake Day 2021 is a wrap! Goodies galore and fun times had by all! 
I wouldn't trade these days for anything! 

The goodies were nice and of course they are yummy, but the love and friendship of our family is the best of all! 

Tuesday, December 14, 2021

Chicken Processing Day

Several months back we processed our meat chickens with some friends! It was a great day and I'm so grateful for our friend Starla! She showed everyone the ropes (it had been over 10 years since the last time we had processed)! 

Eli had to work, so he was able to only help for just a little while before having to leave to go get cleaned up. In true Chas form though, I had to get at least one picture of us all together! 

Friday, October 22, 2021

Sourdough Bread Baking

I pulled out my sourdough starter several months back after a long vacation in the fridge. I call his Paul Hollywood by the way. He sprang back into action and was ready to bake. 
I have been baking basic bread for a while, but I have been seeing these interesting shaped boules through the web and thought I would give them a try myself. 

They turned out so well and were so easy! 
If you are interested in a "how to" I have a tutorial on my instagram page. And I'll post my TRIED AND TRUE basic sourdough boule recipe at the end of this post!

Sourdough Boule 

1/2 cup active starter 
3 1/2 cups flour (you can use up to 50% whole wheat if you would like)
1 1/2 cups filtered water 
1 1/2 tsp salt

Mix flour/flours and salt in large mixing bowl. 
Measure water and add sourdough starter to your water. An active sourdough will float. Mix well
Add wet mixture to dry mixture until combined. 
Cover and allow to rest. After about an hour you can briefly stretch and fold the dough. Meaning take one side stretch it up (don’t allow to break) and fold it over the dough. Rotate the bowl and do it again on all four sides. 
You can do this again in another 15-30 minutes. 
Cover again and allow to ferment and bulk up for at least 12 hours. 
After your fermenting gently take your dough from the bowl, flatten dough with the palm of your hand and fold dough into itself from four sides and flip over and smooth and tighten dough tension. You want the ball of dough to have a nice, smooth top. Turn upside down into a proofing banneton. Allow dough to raise for 1-2 hours until doubled or close. Lightly dust a piece of parchment paper with flour and lay dough carefully onto paper. You do not want to knock the air out of your dough. Score with lame. 
In the meantime heat your oven to 500*. Add your Dutch oven with lid to your oven and allow it to preheat. This will make the cooking vessel nice and hot and ready for your bread. 
After heating lower your heat to 475*. 
Lay your parchment paper with bread dough into vessel. Cover and bake for 30 min. 
After 30 min, remove lid and lower oven temp to 450* and bake uncovered for another 15-30 min (depending on oven ). You want a deep rich brown color to your bread. Remove from oven and transfer carefully to wire rack to cool.