Monday, June 15, 2015

Sunday, June 14, 2015


Our first sunrise at the beach

I always get very connected with my Maker when I visit the sea. I am aware of His presence and His glory, but sometimes I guess it helps to get away from the every day and experience Him in new surroundings. When I am the only one awake and I can hear the rushing waves and feel the salty air and there... far off in the east I see that light, rising up... It gives me glory bumps, I'm telling ya. I realize just how BIG this God of ours really is. He's so much bigger than any of our issues. So much greater than any of our fears. So much more than any of our lacking... I am in awe of Him.
Thank you, Jesus for allowing me to go to the ocean and have my heart stirred and refreshed once again. 
Blessings, friends.


Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Hip, hip, HOORAY! For Horseradish!

 It's what makes the horseradish "hot" tasting.
Horseradish is also great for treating sinus infections or when used topically in a lotion or poultice it is great for inflammation or arthritis.
Such a wonderful little potent thing!

I was excited to get my hands on a couple of pounds to put by today.
After scouring the internet I found what I was looking for. I just wanted to preserve the horseradish, that way I can add it to whatever I like. 
Here's what I did.

Take your root and peel. The tough, woody exterior is a bit hard, so a sharp knife or a sturdy vegetable peeler would be your best bet for cutting off that outer layer.

I then decided that I probably needed to just use my grater blade on my food processor.
After seeing it in such long sections, I knew it really wasn't what I needed for this job. So I added my "S" blade and tried again. 
There... That's more like it. 
I'm going to tell you... I had to walk away from this a dozen or so times. It was SO powerful and strong. My eyes ran. My nose ran... It made me break out in a sweat! No lie!
Here's the measurements:
1 cup grated horseradish
1/2 cup white vinegar
1/4 tsp sea salt

Mix together, ladle into jars and process in hot water bath canner for 10 minutes. 
What a great thing to be able to have on hand. Perfect for your health as well as to spice up your next meal! Yum!
And keep a little aside with the peeling on and let it sprout for growing. That's my plan too!

Friday, May 29, 2015


My heart is full to bursting this morning as I realize my baby is not a baby anymore... 
My beautiful girl not only turns 18 today, but she also is officially graduated. 
Oh my heart. 
God in His infinite wisdom gave me this wonderful, beautiful, precious flower to love and care for. To teach, train, nurture and grow... And here she is at 18 years.

I love you so much, Cameo. I could NOT be any more proud of you. 
You are one of the kindest souls. 

You are very much like your Daddy, quick to see the good in people. 
You have good instincts. 

People are drawn to you. You have a joy for life, I like to think you got that from me. ;)

You're a hard, diligent worker. 
You are smart... You think through problems and can figure out good solutions.
Don't worry about hating math. ;)

You are funny. You make me laugh... all. the. time. 

You're adventurous. Always eager to give something a shot. (Another Moma trait, ha ha)

You are a shining light for the Lord. Lead by example, my love. There is a world needing to see your light for Him!

You're smile brightens any room. It has since you were a baby.
Cameo, I love you so, so much. I think you are one of the most wonderful young women I've ever had the privilege of knowing and I am SO incredibly blessed to be your Moma. To be able to watch you grow all these years and to see where you go from here. 

I am here for you... 
Supporting you, loving you and encouraging you...

For always, 
Your Devoted and Loving Moma