Friday, November 1, 2019

Trunk or Treat '19

Our bunch at Trunk or Treat 2019.
We decided to go with Alice in Wonderland this year. 
Carlie of course was Alice, Eli was the Mad Hatter, Shannon was the White Rabbit, Abe was the Cheshire Cat, and I was the Red Queen (Queen of Hearts)
We LOVE dressing up, and this year was no exception.
I'm already thinking about what we will do next year. ;) 

Craft fair 2019

 Back in September I took part in a craft festival. 
I had been working furiously trying to get plenty of stock ready to go and be a part of "Show and Sell" in Rock Springs. Pawpaw Alan went as well, so we shared a booth.
 Our booth was so pretty! 
 I made pumpkins, trivets, soap, countdown boards, ornaments, elderberry syrup, and more and he brought ladders, signs, trash cans, essential oil holders, soap dishes. Our booth was FULL! 

 It may not have been as successful as we would have liked, but we had a fun day.
 And a day with family is always a good day, and one to be thankful for!