Monday, May 17, 2021

Eli, the graduate

Eli has graduated high school now, and this past Sunday was a recognition day for all the graduates. We usually have their pictures up on a slideshow and as of last week, we had ZERO senior pictures. So we looked at his work schedule and my schedule and found a day when we both were free and he agreed to let his ole mom take some pictures.

When they were kids, we had several spots we would like to go for treats. When we would school outside for a while or when we had a really good day of lessons and would get to go somewhere fun. The creek was THE MOST favorite and requested place every time. The cold clear water and most everyone was in class somewhere else, so it was usually just us out and about. They loved it. Sometimes we would even pack a picnic... such precious memories. So when we decided where, the creek had to be one of our choices. 

Another favorite spot was the hangliders jumping point. It was actually going through some construction while we were there, but we found some spots that were still really nice picture places. 

Y'all... seriously I am so blown away by how FAST these years have flown by. I would do them all over in a second and I would do them better. So if I have any advice to you young mothers. Don't let a bad day become a bad week. Or a bad moment become a bad day... just work through the moment the best you can, with love and prayer and then move forward. Tell your family you love them so often it almost seems like too much... it isn't. Hug them. Be silly with them. Spend time with them. Talk with them. Don't waste it. These years pass so quickly and then they are off with jobs, marriage, babies of their own, careers, college... and you are aching for any little bit of time you can get. 
Eli is a voracious reader. Naturally, one of his prized possessions are his books. I love that he has started buying his own copies of some of his favorites. He is working on his own library now. But, Moma and Daddy's library is always here! 
Sunday during the church service he was presented with a Bible from the church, I remember when I was presented mine too. Such a sweet time. 

I had to gather the family for a quick picture to mark the occasion. 
Look at this baby.... in a snap, he's all grown up now. 

Another special thing was these two fellas have grown up side by side. Just 18 days apart in age and now they are graduating. I hope they will always remain pals. I'm so proud of both of you! 

Cherish the moments. 

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