Thursday, March 11, 2021



We knew it was going to be soon, but we weren't ready for these little fluff balls to be coming home last night! We had built a brooder and had the heat mat, but picking up chick feed and shavings were going to be done THIS morning... WRONG! Haha... you gotta roll with it!

So last night I went to a friends house where they were delivered to pick up our chicks.
These are Cornish cross meat chickens. I hope to be able to document the whole process, start to finish at least on our instagram if you are interested! Follow along there! But I am planning to have some updates here as well, if you don't do that form of social media!

This morning I ran to our local feed store and grabbed the shavings and got these little ones set up in their new "for now" home!

The great thing about this is there is no heat lamp dangers. That warming plate/mat mimics a mother hen and the babies go under their to warm themselves and then come back out to eat, drink, and scratch! So neat! I'm glad we went ahead and bought it several months back in preparation for now! Plus it has this plastic dome on top so they can't get on top and poop all over it. VERY handy! 

Just one more step in learning and growing our own food! How exciting!

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