Thursday, March 4, 2021

False spring

It is absolutely glorious outside lately. Cool mornings, warm days. Just enough to make your heart ache for spring. But as we know living down here in the south.... it's a tease! We will have some cold days ahead for sure. I just looked at the forecast and saw that one day next week will have a low of 27. brr... that's pretty cold. 
In other news.. my grandson is growing like a dang weed! He's getting SO big, I can't stand it. He's THE most beautiful child and I just want to eat him up every time I get to be with him. He smiles at me and I melt... I'm talking mush on the floor. I am so in love with him.

We have learned that our doe, Hazel didn't get bred back in November, so we brought Spot over to enjoy some time with Mavis and Hazel for a while. HOPEFULLY this time, we will have both bred and we will have some babies by July/Aug.

The chickens are earning their keep right now with eggs aplenty! I have sold a few dozen, but we still have more than we can eat right now, I believe I am going to begin a 5 gallon bucket of water glassed eggs this time... because I do not want to waste this abundance! 

I'm so grateful for the goodness of the farm. I enjoy our lifestyle so much. Even the work that goes along with everything. It's a blessing. 

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