Monday, February 22, 2021

Welcome to the Farm, Mack!

Abram has been wanting his own dog for a long while now... he has been patient and has saved his money and waited on a long waiting list to get exactly what he wanted. My Sister and her family raises quality Labrador retrievers, and Abe put his name on the list a long while back. 
Abe is eager to be able to teach and train Mack to be a good, obedient dog and finally last week, he was able to bring him HOME!
Everyone is already completely smitten with him. He's so funny, playful, and sweet. 
He's learning his commands... learning to stay when he is told and to wait to go to the bathroom. He's a smart little fellow. He's only about 6 weeks old, but look at that head and those paws... we believe he may be a bigger boy than Muck! 
I've become such an old softie that I am gaga over him. EVEN when the little rascal hops into my garden beds while I am doing some clearing. ;) 

Welcome to the farm, Mack! We love you so much! 

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