Wednesday, February 17, 2021


Yesterday morning, I woke up a bit disappointed... I had really hoped I would wake to a beautiful blanket of white. 
It did not happen.
BUT... as the morning progressed the snow started to fall and before long the ground was gloriously white with humongous flakes!

It was only a light dusting, but everything looks so magical in the snow. 

Carlie Jean and Muck even wanted to get outside a little!
The pigs ventured out from their straw beds to get some treats!

I loved the view I was able to have while doing dishes. So pretty! 

The cats that were all piled up together decided to take a walk around the farm with me to see all the snowy sights! 

Shannon had a personal day, which was perfect! He was able to stay inside and be warm and rest... but he just had to do a few things to help out. He knows how much I love watching the birds, so he filled up my feeders! Acts of service and words of affirmation are TOTALLY my love language and he does his best to speak those to me every day. 

Even the dried flowers and muddy parts of the yard look beautiful with a little dusting of SNOW! 

I know many who got much, much more snow than we did... I would love a little more, but I am thankful for what we were able to get! There is a smallish chance for a bit more tonight! I will say I am excited about that! 

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