Friday, February 26, 2021

Homestead Conference!

Sometimes I just get blown away by how things happen... I was contacted a few weeks back about being a part of a Homestead Conference! They were looking for small holding homesteaders to talk about what they know and how they manage their homesteads and I was asked to be involved. Talk about EXCITED and SURPRISED! 

A great thing about this conference is that it is VERY affordable, only $9. And you can attend AT HOME! You can be in your pajamas with your cup of coffee and watch over 40 different homesteaders talk about their passions and how they make things happen around their farms. 

Look there! In the middle on the bottom row! It's me! Hooray! 

And here's the first image I saw floating around Facebook... talk about squealing when I saw it... I totally did!

If you would like to be a part of this please click the link below! 
I hope you can join us! 

We had to make a super short intro video that they are going to compile together... here's mine if you would like to see! 

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