Monday, January 18, 2021

Water Glassing Eggs!

Water Glassing Eggs... have you ever heard of this? It's an old fashioned way that is still very handy to use in our modern homesteads! 
It's not pickling or boiling, the process is taking fresh eggs and preserving them in a lime/water solution and making them shelf stable. 

I've made a video on YouTube that I will post here, but I will also post the directions here too for those of you who would prefer to read rather than watch! 

Items needed:
clean, unwashed freshly laid eggs
pickling lime
fresh water 
clean vessel with lid

Begin by mixing your water and lime solution... depending on the type of storage container you use will determine how much solution you will need. I used gallon jars, but you can use food grade buckets, jars, etc. 
The solution is made by taking 1 quart of water per 1 oz (by weight) of lime. Mixing the two together and then immersing your clean, unwashed eggs.
The eggs will remain in this solution until you need to use them. Once needed, simply take the egg from the lime/water solution and give a quick rinse. Crack into separate bowl and add to anything you might need or would use a fresh egg for! Quick breads, pancakes, scrambled eggs... whatever! 
Water glassed eggs are supposed to be shelf stable for up to 2 years! I can't imagine I will ever want to keep them that long, but knowing that I could if I wanted to is a grand thing! 
My plans are to use up within one year. 

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  1. With the lime sinking, do I need to stir/shake the jar once in a while to mix it up again?

  2. Hi Postcard Blogger, The lime can settle in the bottom, you don't have to shake it or stir it up again. It will be just fine! :)