Wednesday, January 20, 2021

Avocados! For now and later!

Have you ever been in the grocery store (they do not grow around here) and found avocados at an exceptional price and thought, "Man! I sure wish I could buy these to save for another time!" I know I have... 
Well, you can! 
With a vacuum sealer, bags, and a freezer, you can do just that! 

I recently found avocados on a sales paper saying they were 2 for $1 and I knew I wanted to take part in that sale! I asked my husband to stop by on his way home from work and he brought home $15 worth of avocados. We were having a big taco dinner over the weekend and I knew I was going to use quite a few for guacamole, but I wanted to save the rest for the freezer!

Give your avocados time to ripen, and once they are soft to the touch WITHOUT being mushy, slice and remove the pit and the peel.
You can leave the avocado in half like I did, I think it helps with the texture to leave it as a half instead of mashing it up. 

I then place them in the vacuum seal bag. One side is sealed and one side left open for adding the avocados.
Once you have as many as you want in the bag (I recommend doing it in batches)
I had several bags already cut, so I was only able to add 2 avocados in each. 
But I also wanted to make a larger batch because we usually use 4-5 when making guacamole for the family.

Set the open side bag in your vacuum sealer and allow the machine to suck as much air out as possible. Then seal and you are ready for the freezer! 

I've found these are great for using in smoothies, baked goods, or guacamole of course! So next time you come across a great deal in avocados, haul out that vacuum sealer and put some away for your family too!

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