Wednesday, January 27, 2021

My Grandson is HERE!

Last week my world changed in such a way that I cannot even explain... I have been overjoyed to know that my grandson was on his way these past nine months, but I finally was able to see his face last Thursday night. And he literally took my breath away. He is the most beautiful child I have ever seen... maybe that is Grandmoma Chassy talking, maybe it's just the facts! He is an absolute dream! 

Cameo was having contractions Wednesday at her dr appt and she was already moving along and was in early labor. So the doctor recommended that she go home, get ready and be back at the hospital that night. They would have a room for her and expected her to deliver sometime Thursday. Talk about exciting! The time had finally come! 

I don't believe I have ever been less productive. I literally sat and stared at my phone just aching and waiting for it to ring!
Due to hospital restrictions, and 'the virus' (I changed that because my post was flagged... ugh), there was no one allowed to be with her except Houston. Which broke my heart, cause she had told me early on she wanted me there with her. But Houston is a fantastic husband and new daddy and he did an outstanding job supporting her in every way she needed. 

It was hard labor for her, but Thursday night Baby Denz was born, and Cameo did an exceptional job of carrying and laboring for him to be with us.  
With bright eyes and a head full of hair, this piece of heaven entered the world weighing 7 lbs 2 oz. 

They were able to come home Saturday night and I was finally able to meet him face to face. 
Friends, the fact is, I LOVE being a mother. It is one of the grandest things on this earth. To be able to raise, love, and nurture my four children has been a such a blessing to me, I love it. I love each one of them and their uniqueness. 

But being a grandmother has absolutely rocked my world... and it has been less than a week since I have known him outside the womb and my heart is so unbelievably full. 

This love is so different but so very, very good. It just makes me praise the Lord for His blessings on someone so very unworthy... because I am unworthy of such wonderful gifts... I am humbled in such a way, I have been in tears at least once a day since it all happened. 

When I look at his beautiful face I swell with gratefulness and love. I look forward to him getting to know me and me getting to know him as his personality emerges. I look forward to getting to sing to him. To hold him. To rock him. To introduce him to the farm... to teach him what the piggies and chickens say. To make him laugh at all my goofy ways. To grow food for him and let him work with me when he comes over. To bless him and his parents as much as I can,  as I try to do my whole family. To pray for him. To encourage him. To be there for him. I hope to be one of his favorite people. This love.... this love is intense. It is amazing.... and I will never take it for granted. 

To say that I am proud of Houston and Cameo would the understatement of understatements... they have been and are doing things beautifully, and I have been so blessed to be able to be there some and witness the support and love they have given to one another. 

My life has been forever changed. Thank you Lord for that. Please let me live up to the grand calling of grandmotherhood. 

Wednesday, January 20, 2021

Avocados! For now and later!

Have you ever been in the grocery store (they do not grow around here) and found avocados at an exceptional price and thought, "Man! I sure wish I could buy these to save for another time!" I know I have... 
Well, you can! 
With a vacuum sealer, bags, and a freezer, you can do just that! 

I recently found avocados on a sales paper saying they were 2 for $1 and I knew I wanted to take part in that sale! I asked my husband to stop by on his way home from work and he brought home $15 worth of avocados. We were having a big taco dinner over the weekend and I knew I was going to use quite a few for guacamole, but I wanted to save the rest for the freezer!

Give your avocados time to ripen, and once they are soft to the touch WITHOUT being mushy, slice and remove the pit and the peel.
You can leave the avocado in half like I did, I think it helps with the texture to leave it as a half instead of mashing it up. 

I then place them in the vacuum seal bag. One side is sealed and one side left open for adding the avocados.
Once you have as many as you want in the bag (I recommend doing it in batches)
I had several bags already cut, so I was only able to add 2 avocados in each. 
But I also wanted to make a larger batch because we usually use 4-5 when making guacamole for the family.

Set the open side bag in your vacuum sealer and allow the machine to suck as much air out as possible. Then seal and you are ready for the freezer! 

I've found these are great for using in smoothies, baked goods, or guacamole of course! So next time you come across a great deal in avocados, haul out that vacuum sealer and put some away for your family too!

Monday, January 18, 2021

Water Glassing Eggs!

Water Glassing Eggs... have you ever heard of this? It's an old fashioned way that is still very handy to use in our modern homesteads! 
It's not pickling or boiling, the process is taking fresh eggs and preserving them in a lime/water solution and making them shelf stable. 

I've made a video on YouTube that I will post here, but I will also post the directions here too for those of you who would prefer to read rather than watch! 

Items needed:
clean, unwashed freshly laid eggs
pickling lime
fresh water 
clean vessel with lid

Begin by mixing your water and lime solution... depending on the type of storage container you use will determine how much solution you will need. I used gallon jars, but you can use food grade buckets, jars, etc. 
The solution is made by taking 1 quart of water per 1 oz (by weight) of lime. Mixing the two together and then immersing your clean, unwashed eggs.
The eggs will remain in this solution until you need to use them. Once needed, simply take the egg from the lime/water solution and give a quick rinse. Crack into separate bowl and add to anything you might need or would use a fresh egg for! Quick breads, pancakes, scrambled eggs... whatever! 
Water glassed eggs are supposed to be shelf stable for up to 2 years! I can't imagine I will ever want to keep them that long, but knowing that I could if I wanted to is a grand thing! 
My plans are to use up within one year. 

Got any questions? I'd be happy to answer! Please let me know! And if you watch the video and enjoy, please consider liking and or subscribing!