Monday, July 13, 2020

Garden bounty and a quick pickle recipe

 There has been so much going on around the homestead in these last few weeks. The garden is producing a bounty and we are so very grateful for those blessings!
I've been canning and dehydrating and freezing up a storm!
The noodle beans are starting to come along! 
 Elderberry and apple butter have been made for the farm table as well as for us!
Summer in a picture! 
 We have some baby watermelons coming along!

 And butternut squash climbing the trellis!

Above is a picture of two half-gallon jars that I made into quick refrigerator pickles.

One jar is whole small cucumbers 
The other is peeled, sliced, cucumbers, and onions
Both have fresh dill fronds and heads
and the liquid is
Equal parts vinegar and water (I used white, but you can use apple cider vinegar but make sure whichever you use has at least 5% acidity)
1/2 tsp good salt per cup of liquid
You can also add a few teaspoons of sugar if you like, in this batch I did not.
Boil the vinegar mixture, allow to cool completely
Cover your cucumbers
Stick in fridge 
You can eat them in as early as a day, but better after several days

I hope you are enjoying the bounty of fruit and veg around your homestead as well!

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