Tuesday, June 23, 2020

June Garden 2020

The garden is in FULL swing right now and it is absolutely lovely. Every day brings new treasures!
 So much is growing and thriving. It is easily the grandest garden we have ever had... but I believe it is the most tended garden we have ever had too... I know that makes a huge difference.

Yesterday morning I gathered lots of squash, zucchini, cucumbers, herbs, and more! I decided we needed to have some fresh zucchini bread. 

 This table the kids got me for mothers day is my favorite place to sit. I love being surrounded by all this beauty!

 I am usually accompanied by at least one of the cats. Most of the time though, it's all of them.
 The poppies are really showing out. They are absolutely gorgeous!

 Our garlic harvest.
 The garden entrance.
 Early morning harvesting
 It won't be long!
 Blueberries are beginning to come in as well. We picked a few last night before the storm. They are incredibly sweet and delicious!