Monday, January 6, 2020

Youth 2019

 We have an excellent youth department. We had our big party day and play practice all day the day of our play back in December. I planned games and prizes and food for them and it was such fun. 

 The nicest game of "dirty santa" ever played... almost NO ONE took gifts from each other. And if they did, they swapped around to make sure everyone got something they wanted, haha. It was sweet.
 Things got a little more rambunctious in the "saran wrap" game. I wrapped up TONS of items ranging from gift cards to candy and everything in between. I used almost 1200 yards of saran wrap. Maybe next year I don't need to do it so well... it was loud and fun though. ;) 

Amidst all these games we worked on our play. It went well, it was pretty funny this year, but also very moving. The youth did an exceptional job. 
I'm very proud of all of them. 

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