Tuesday, December 10, 2019

Thanksgiving with family

 This is the grandkids on Thanksgiving... we have been wanting to take this picture for at LEAST 2 years, maybe more. But for one reason or another it hasn't worked out. So we were very excited to finally be able to get it made!
 These are the grandkids plus the two great grands.
20 in all! 
We are a loud, crazy bunch... but we truly like being together and we usually have a grand ole time! 
 Carlie Jean and Deacon Ridge 
 Every Thanksgiving I come up with a craft for us to make while we are together. This year it was a little last minute being that I feel like everything I do seems rushed and last minute lately. Ugh.

First I printed out pictures and sayings on HTV.
 I gathered scrap fabric. The fabric below used to be a skirt I had made myself. 
 We pressed the vinyl onto the cloth and then cut it out to fit into a canning ring. We placed a used seal behind it for stability and glued it all in place. 
 Then we added twine or ribbon for the finishing touches and to hang on the tree! They were simple and super fun! 

Have a happy day, friends! 

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