Friday, October 25, 2019

A Monsterously Good Time

Yesterday was a busy day of errands, school, chores, and everything that goes into our normal daily life... but as the day progressed, my mind started cementing on an idea and I told the kids to come on, let's make something together!

We have our annual pumpkin carving party this weekend and we are all eagerly looking forward to that. Yesterday my sister asked me to bring my "world famous" (I say that as tongue in cheek as I can! I am not world famous for anything I do... much less for this! She's the fantastic baker. She just really likes how I make these... I am rambling, I will get on with it) rice krispy treats.

I laugh about this, because I don't enjoy rice krispy treats any other way but my own. When I make a batch for anything, I make them SUPER DUPER OOEY GOOEY. We basically grab a hunk from the side of the pan and pull off a chunk. They are not fit for cutting or decorating too much. They are not pretty... but man they are good!!!!

Back to story!

So the kids and I got the supplies for the rice krispy treats out of the pantry. For these treats, you want them a little stiffer than normal, because you want them to hold shape.  We melted the butter and added the marshmallows. You know how to make these... I realize that.
Added in a little green food coloring!
Added in the krispies!
And then poured them out onto a greased sheet pan.
Press down REALLY well and let cool
Cut into rectangles 
Dip one end in melted chocolate
Now here, I looked at googley eyes at the store... $5.99 PER PACK. 
No thanks.

So all I did was take some white icing and put it in a ziplock baggy, snip a teeny hole in the corner and we used it as a make-shift piping bag.
The pupils in this guys eyes are mini chocolate chips. But you can use dots of chocolate as well.
I filled another baggie with chocolate icing and snipped a corner to pipe features on to his face.
A mouth, eye brows, a scar, a nose... whatever you want! One of my kids gave one of the monsters a beard like dad. HA... so just get creative.
Now lastly, I bought the mini Reeses candy pouch to use for his "bolts". 
We adhered them to the side of his neck with chocolate.

Everyone is getting creative!

This guys eyes! HAHA

Eli made his into "Frankencelery" from our beloved Veggie-Tale days. Awww 
Dad got in from his night to teach at the jail and snapped a candid picture of us all.
And then got a couple pretty decent ones! 
All done! 
Cute monsters!
Some are happy...
Some are not. HAHA
After we finished our project, we watched Ghostbusters. It was the first time the kids had watched it, and I had not watched it since I was a kid. 
And some of us sacked out on the couch afterwards. 
This boy and his cat. We named her Happy in honor of a cat from my childhood. They gave her the middle name Hogan from Tony Starks best friend from Iron Man.
Happy Hogan.... it's a good name for her. ;)
It was such a nice evening. I had plenty of stuff I still "needed" to do... but I NEEDED time with my kids more. Memories NEED to be made. Simple ones, yes... but memories nonetheless. 
Have a great day everyone! 

Friday, October 11, 2019

Fluffy Pumpkin Slime

I used to be fun... For some reason when the kids were younger it seems like we "did" more? I don't know how... maybe I just documented more because I didn't get fussed at for pictures or whatnot... I don't know. Regardless, I heard one of my kids mention that we don't do a whole lot of projects any more. (surprisingly it was my eldest who is moved out!) but it broke me and I wanted to remedy that, immediately! Even if the kids are big, projects are FUN! And we have the privilege to have little Ace with us so often I want him to remember fun projects with Chas Burrell and the kids. 
So we are making fluffy pumpkin slime. 
It's easy. It's messy. It's fun.

Here's what we did!

First of all, we took a mason jar and cut out a face to put on the jar. Just like we would for a jack-o-lantern.  

We took our triangle eyes and nose and our haphazard mouth and stuck them on the jar with a glue stick.

Then we got a large bowl and began to mix the following:
4 cups shaving cream
1/2 cup elmers glue
1/4 tsp baking soda
1 Tbsp (plus more if slime is still too sticky) saline solution
Food Coloring
We plopped the shaving cream into our bowl.
We dropped some food coloring into our glue. (we ended up using LOTS more to get the orange pumpkin color we wanted)
We mixed the two together and added the baking soda and contact solution.
We started off by mixing with a spatula, but that was short lived, because most of us can't wait to get our hands IN the slime and we did JUST that.... We started kneading and squishing and mixing...
and mixing....
and mixing....
and stretching...
Til we got a nice smooth consistency that didn't stick to our hands too much. 
I bought a little pack of creepy crawler bugs to add to our slime, and for some reason it came with that mega creepy skull, I don't know why. 
This guy LOVED it.
He played and played and played with his slime!!!
Not much better than a fun hands on activity!

He loved it so much, he hardly wanted much of a nap and woke up extra early to be able to play with it some more. I call that a BIG WIN!!!
I have more ideas for projects for us. And note my big kids enjoyed this too! They are just not as excited for me to take their picture. haha.. breaks my heart.

Have some fun! Make some slime!