Tuesday, June 25, 2019

Lights in the garden

As the garden has been growing and changing, I came across a picture that said something about adding lights to your garden area to enjoy. Carlie had asked if we could have a party at home for her birthday, so I began thinking... "how lovely would it be, if we added lights in the garden for her party?" And that's all it took, I asked for help from those who know more than me about electricity, wiring, building, and before long... my dream was realized. 

It turned out so pretty. I just can't get enough of this space. I am oftentimes found out there, even in this horrid humidity we are living in right now in Georgia... 
Morning times with my cup of coffee? Bliss.

Evening times as the sun goes down? 
Night, when the only lights are those of the garden and the stars above?

This space continues to be a blessing to me on so many levels. I think it is important to make your home and your life a beautiful place to be. And I am grateful to be doing just that on our little patch of earth. 

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