Monday, June 24, 2019

Father's Day Weekend

For Father's Day weekend, my bunch went down to stay with my Dad and family, my Sister and her family on the lake.... I adore being on the water. I love getting up and watching the sun on the water, I love the birds, and the fish, and the critters scurrying around. I love the sounds, I love the coolishness of the morning. I love drinking my coffee in the quietness. I love it. So I was very excited to spend this weekend down on the lake with him for Father's Day. 
We rode on the boats, we jumped off the sides, we swam, and wakeboarded, and tubed, and jet skied, we ate, and swam some more, we fished and had a very enjoyable couple of days together!

Wishing we hadn't waited til late to take a picture of the three of us, but at least we got one! 
Logan sported the latest in lake fashions. 

The kids kayaked... look how smooth that water was in the morning... like glass.

This wren sat on that single post all morning long. and when it would fly away it would come back to that same one!

Kade was the wakeboard champ. He is so good at so many things! 

Laying around and having fun being together! 

Fishing! They got a nice catfish! 

Deacon got one too!!!

We watched... but did not participate in the tubing. haha.

As we were getting ready to leave on Sunday afternoon, a big storm was brewing... it was a wonderful weekend of togetherness and hopefully we can do it again soon! 

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