Tuesday, May 21, 2019

Ole Blue

Meet Ole Blue... Abram's "new" tractor! I can not begin to tell you how long this boy has been wanting a tractor of his own. He has GREAT plans, some of which he laid out to me last night at the dinner table. And I pray that his plans come to fruition! He's got a sharp mind and he's always thinking about how to do something. 
Before we began on the garden, he used Ole Blue to disc up the area. It doesn't have a PTO powered tiller to make it fine, but Ole Blue was used for the basic till. 
Every morning he goes out even if he doesn't have any work to do with the tractor for the day and fires it up and at least drives it around the circle part of the drive way and back into the spot he leveled off, specifically for Ole Blue.

He's so stinkin excited. He has plans now to use his yard mowing money and build a shelter... but he really wants a barn. Join the club, my son... I've wanted a barn for YEARS! 
Maybe one day.  

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