Friday, May 17, 2019

How does your garden grow?

If I were to browse through this blog for our history in the garden, you might see some success... but more often than not, we were big fat gardening failures. But that's ok, because when you fail, you learn. 
Nevertheless, we had desire to improve and to make this garden a success. So I asked for garden beds for mother's day. Everyone pitched in and our own resident "Bob Villa" the man with all kinds of skills... seriously, he can make ANYTHING! I'm SO grateful!  Pawpaw Alan helped teach my boys to make the beds! They are absolutely perfect and the vision that I had in my head came to life before my eyes! Eli feels very capable that he could replicate the beds when it comes time that we can afford to make some more. That thrills me! I want my kids to have a wealth of knowledge! That's part of the goal as Mom... to allow them opportunities to learn and grow and do! Homeschool!

My dad, (who has been operating machines since he was knee-high and still loves it) allowed Abe to use some of his equipment to clear the debris and then he used his tractor with a powerful tiller to help make the soil we will plant directly into, super fine.
Dad has let Abe learn to use equipment since he was little bitty. If Dad ever passed through coming or going from a job, Abe wanted to go out and catch up with him and help unload or load up or whatever! Anything to get to operate the machines. But with that, Dad has taught him very well. Abe cleared out this area that had been overgrown and even rogue trees had come up alongside the garage. He cleared it up! We call Abe and his best friend (and first cousin) Greyson, our "workin men" because that's what they ALWAYS want to do. Work. Clearing, cleaning, operating. They are two peas in a pod! And they love getting to work with Popa Ronnie.
Speaking of, Abe is out on his tractor right now tilling the area for my wildflower patch around the beehives.

In the edges of the front boxes, I have clematis to grow up and over the trellis.
The trellis and clematis came from the bee yard. I had them there last year, but moved them to here when we began this work, and I think they are perfect! 
I plan to smooth the ground between the beds there and lay more pavers. We just laid those we had there to see how many we would need and how they would fit. 

Aren't these gailardia gorgeous? That yellow is so striking! 
The makeshift fire pit in the picture below is what it is... it works perfectly, but it is not beautiful. Hopefully I'll get some big rocks and rebuild that sometime soon! The one I built in years past fell and we pulled it the rest of the way down. Hooray for nights around the fire pit and evenings in the garden! 
I have verbena in the big galvanized bucket and yarrow planted in the ground. Herbs that came back up in the front yard bed that I moved to their new home, here. 
Green beans, watermelon, zinnias, sunflowers, will all be planted in the ground. We are a little late to the game, but I think we still have plenty of time to get a little crop. 
We will move the strawberry bed to one of these boxes when they start putting out runners. 
So much to do! So much to enjoy and look forward to.

Happy Gardening!

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