Thursday, May 16, 2019

Bloom where you are planted...

Peony season has just come and gone for us. It is brief, but oh! such a treat.
I don't know if it is the same everywhere... but around here, ALL my peonies are COVERED with ants!!!
 Someone messaged me on instagram and said that every peony plant she had ever seen was the same.
What about you? Is it the same where you live?
It's such a shame!
I can't cut a bouquet to bring in because then we would be inviting those pesky buggers in the house. No thank you.

But enough about that, I'll enjoy them outside and take pretty pictures and come to the point of my post... besides the pretty pictures.

I think oftentimes we ache for what's next in our life. 
As a young person we can't wait to be "out on our own".
As a single we can't wait to find our mate.
As a married, it's when we have kids.
When we have kids it's when they get big enough to do this or that...
You get the picture... it's always the next thing.

And the next thing is GOOD! Don't get me wrong, but the here and now is very GOOD as well!
Enjoy this time and this season in your life. Bloom right here and right now. Right where God has you!
There will be things that come and go in life, but you were put in this time and for this purpose. Make the most of it and enjoy it, because just like everything in life and my peonies in this post. They are here only for a brief time. 
Rhododendrons too for that matter. ;) 
***Mine were extra pretty this year!***
So let's deal with the pesky parts of things, but continue to bloom. To enjoy the moments and look forward to the next, remember fondly the past, and throughly enjoy the now.

And just as a reminder to myself and maybe one of the few who might actually read this.. this may be a little off topic, but it goes hand in hand occasionally.

Don't compare your journey with someone else. 

Be happy for them.
Don't let jealously, envy, or hard feelings get in the way of enjoying what season YOU are in because you wish you were where they are.

Take time to stop.
Smell the roses. and be grateful for what YOU have, and appreciate what you can learn from someone who is a little farther along than you. 
I say all these things because they are things that I need to hear myself. 
NOT because I have it all figured out.
                           NOT BY A LONG SHOT!
Be blessed my friends... and bloom. 
Much love!

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  1. Thank you for this. Why is so hard for us to bloom where we are now and not in the future. I'm trying to live here and now not in the past and not in the future.