Monday, May 13, 2019

Houston and Cameo's Wedding

It's been 5 months, but I have struggled to feel inspired to write, or share... 
Change has never been an issue for me. I enjoy change. The change of seasons. Changing a room around to give it a fresh look. Changing your ideas to make them better than the initial thoughts. I'm good with it. I like birthdays because they bring change. I love changing into a new year. I love each new morning because of the change and possibilities the day holds!  But as I have gone through so much change lately, it seems like I am processing it a bit slower than in the past.
I may not be hitting it head on READY and eager for it.
I'm struggling through such a mix of emotions that it is a bit hard at times.
I'm still fond of change... and I know it is part of life and I want that. If things don't change, at least slightly, we are stagnant. And a stagnant life is one that stinks. Ain't nobody got time for that... and no one wants that. So here I am processing change.
It could be that I am almost 44 now. 
I'm getting older. 
I'm realizing that...
changes are good... 
I'm all for it.... this one?
my baby girl getting married?
it was a 
big one

I don't think there could have been a Moma more proud than I was that day. But all the days leading up to it and even after left me quite shook and I don't know why. I guess it was a realization of how that part of my life was over. She would never wake up in our home again. She wouldn't come home at night any more. She wouldn't have to check in to let me know she made it here or there. (thankfully she still does that on occasion and it makes my heart happy)  She was no longer my baby... She was now Houston's wife. She was beginning her own way. My beautiful little girl had grown up into an amazing, responsible, capable young woman. One that knew what she wanted and was walking in the direction God had given her. 
That's what we had prayed for her whole life. 
That's what we had raised her to do. 
That was the goal. 
And that's what she did... and this Moma heart is still adjusting to it all. 
I know.
I know.
I KNOW.....
 I am a big ole sap.
I've realized this, well, really, I've known this ALL along... but it has gotten so, so, much greater lately. And I am aware of it and working through it all. 

The time up til the wedding was an absolute flurry of activity. We were so busy. It seemed every day there was something that needed to be bought or done or planned. 
We made boutonnieres, we made the bouquets, we planned the showers, I made the punch and the grooms cake and this and that. Checking off this mental to-do list that seemed to have no end.
AND every day, THE DAY drew closer.

Cameo was great. She was organized. She was cool headed. She may have got a little flustered here and there, but she handled it with grace. I wish I could say the same for me. I had moments of tears and exasperation, frustrations, fears, utter joy and everything in between.
Time passed and it was finally here.

With just days before the wedding, we went and began our work at the church. Hours and hours and hours of preparation. Decorating, rearranging, cleaning, cooking, baking. And after it was all said and done, I don't think there could have been a more beautiful wedding. It was breathtaking. 
Cameo looked radiant and Houston looked handsome. It was a cool, bright, January day. Perfect for this winter wedding.

Cameo and Houston wanted things that would be warming on such a expectedly cool day. 
We built a hot cocoa and coffee bar. 
Complete with marshmallows, whipped cream, and chocolate syrup. We made soups to warm the belly. And gallons and gallons of banana punch. The same punch Shannon and I had at our wedding. 

My sister made the wedding cake. It was delicious and so beautiful. She is an extremely talented baker, and it was just what Cameo was wanting. A vanilla cake with strawberry cream in between the layers. Piped with buttercream rosettes with silver pearls in the middle. 
In the life center of the church we set up tables and decorated everything with twinkle lights. Shannon and I made quite a few runs to Lowes to try and find Christmas lights that were being moved out from the holiday sales. We bought lots of Christmas trees and thankfully we had several members of the family and church willing to buy some from us afterwards. I think we still have about 5 extra trees though. haha

The church was a winter forest. We lined the stage with trees of all shapes and sizes and wrapped them with as many twinkle lights as we could find. We draped white tablecloths and sheets around the bottom to give a soft, snowy effect. It was an elegant and lovely backdrop for the ceremony. 
The two cutest ring bearers ever. These two little guys were so well behaved and we were so proud of them. They were such big boys. Carrying their signs and walking up the stairs and standing with Cameo and Houston. It was absolutely precious. 

Look at that sweet Daddy.... 
Shannon beamed as he walked his baby walk down the aisle. He was so happy. 

Houston asked for our family favorite carrot cake for his grooms cake. I had the privilege to make it. I was excited... because it is my ALL TIME FAVORITE cake, but also that he wanted me to make it. The night before, I got frantic and began thinking about it not being anything special. No design or anything on top and I knew we had to fix that. I talked with my Moma and my Sister. I consulted Cameo and she thought my idea was great. I wanted to make the cake into a chessboard. So with a little ingenuity and my sisters help, we decorated the cake to look like Houston's favorite pastime. He was surprised and loved it. It looked great and tasted even better! 

 We had so much set up on the floor, and they wanted a dance space, we decided that the stage was a great space for the wedding party. We set up a long table down the middle and then a couple of smaller tables on the side so those with spouses would have a space to set together. Of course it was decorated with more twinkle lights and trees. It looked so very pretty. 
 As they left we threw "snow" instead of rice or bubbles. I'm pretty sure there is still some lingering here and there. haha 
Their staged goodbye for the photos. They came back in and got their things together before they actually left for their honeymoon cabin.

So, with that, our family grows! And I couldn't be happier.

It was a perfect day. I am so thankful for these two. My heart is full.
Change is hard sometimes, but it is also, so. so good.


  1. WOW, Beautiful wedding beautiful story.❤

  2. Breathtaking wedding! Beautiful bride and handsome groom! May God bless them and keep them and make His face shine upon them.