Tuesday, May 14, 2019

Beginning with Bees

A dear sweet friend began her beekeeping journey and immediately fell in love with the venture. She and I talked and talked about starting me up a hive last year. I had full intentions to invest and begin. Then, we had a wedding announced and every extra curricular activity was put on hold. No hobby ventures were in the budget at the time. 
A few months back, she showed up at my house with beekeeping supplies and a wealth of knowledge to get me started... just because that's the kind of woman she is! It was such a treat! After some instruction, we got the supplies together and began constructing our first hive. 
What better kind of project is there? When all hands get involved in helping? It makes my heart happy to have my kids working alongside me. 
Eli has taken a special interest and has been reading a ton about beekeeping, so I am giddy to know I will have a helper. Shannon also is excited about the prospect of bees. I'm thrilled to think about what a help they will be in the garden! 
But I know even more so, the prospect of honey is exciting to us all! 

We built the frames and set the box up to try and catch a swarm. 

It didn't work.... unfortunately, we caught a few red wasps and they began trying to make homes in the hive. 

It needed a paint job anyhow, so I cleared the wasps out, gave it some fresh paint, and some vinyl stickers and made it look fresh and bright! 
We will get a pad fixed to set it on, and then... we hopefully will get our bees. 
If anyone has a split or a swarm, let me know! We are just about ready!

Here's to trying new things!

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