Thursday, May 23, 2019

A trip to the lake

Earlier this week, we were presented with the opportunity to go swim and kayak! I was hesitant because we had some things that probably should have been taken care of first, but sometimes you just gotta go when you can. 
So we did some rearranging, packed us a lunch and our swimsuits and some sunscreen and off we went! 
We had such a fun time! Ace is just as much a water duck as we are! 

The kids jumped off the dock, they swam, kayaked, and even did a little fishing. 
They learned that some kayaks are made for one.. not two. haha

My Dad showed up later on to work, it is his property, and his dog Woody decided to go for a swim with the kids! 

There is this massive Pin Oak that provides WONDERFUL shade and a nice cool spot to retreat from the heat!

It was a great day of fun... and a day of sun and swimming makes for one tired bunch of kiddos! 

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