Friday, January 18, 2019

Our Christmassy Tour 2018

The one thing about going on our adventure was that I we were not going to be home to decorate up the house before my birthday... which is the gift I give myself every year. 
But that was ok, because as soon as we got home, the family helped me gather up the decor and get things festive.  
As you can see, the line in "O Holy Night" was lingering in my heart long after seeing it displayed at Magnolia.
I love the look of all the lights in my kitchen. It's so bright and warm and I ADORE how wonderful everything looks.

Another bonus when we got home was that The Great British Baking Show had put out a new season! I was so excited to be able to watch while I worked on a blanket for Cameo and Houston's household shower. 
Christmastime... what a wonderful time of the year. 

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  1. I love your kitchen Chas! I discovered your blog and everything on Instagram today and have been enjoying being inspired by your food preservation and your lovely, comfortable, and organized homestead kitchen. Love your beautiful table!