Monday, January 14, 2019

Our Adventure Begins: First Stop, Vicksburg, MS

On November 1st, the three youngest children and I set out on a whirlwind adventure! Our destination was Paris, TX to go to my little brothers wedding and visit as much as we could while on our way!
We started out early that morning with eagerness and excitement as to what we would be able to see and enjoy! 

We landed in Vicksburg, Mississippi first. We went through the national park.
My history buff (Eli) really enjoyed this part of the trip, but he had a horrible cold and felt bad most of the whole time we were gone. But even still he thoroughly enjoyed all the history here!

It was so windy and cool. But there were some spots we HAD to get out and visit! 

After we went through the park, we visited the U.S.S. Cairo museum. 
We were astounded by the size and perplexed by how that much iron could FLOAT! IT was massive!!!! 

And it was STEAM powered! 

Inside the museum they house the relics of what was saved from the wreckage. Medicine bottles, pots and pans, trinkets from different members of the crew.

It's been an exciting trip so far! 

And it is only DAY 1!

Have a wonderful day!

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