Wednesday, January 16, 2019

Day 3 & 4: The Wedding!

On Day 3, Eli and I stayed at the house where we lodged during our time in Texas, which meant we missed the family brunch and gathering. That was a shame, but thankfully he had improved some by the end of the day and it looked promising that he would feel up to the wedding on Sunday! 

Day 4 was the wedding! We made it!
The wedding took place at The Gibraltar Hotel in Paris, TX. 
A historic old building in the center of town, near a nice park and some distinguished old buildings.
Claire had picked out a neutral color palate with lots of whites and greenery in various shades. It was perfect for the location.

A pretty good sized crew to travel so far, I think. I love these people!

Pretty baby boy waiting on his bride!

Claire was lovely as usual. 

The happy couple.

There was some dancing. 

And some shenanigans. ;)

Look at these three! Aww.. my heart! 

It was a wonderful day! We were all so happy to have been able to make the journey to Texas, not only did we have a great time visiting places along the way, we enjoyed a happy time together witnessing the wedding of Tyler and Claire. How blessed we are!

Our adventure is not yet over though! We have more to see!

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