Wednesday, January 9, 2019

Cameo's engaged!

As I'm typing this up, Cameo is NOT engaged anymore, she is actually already married, but that is JUST how far behind I am right now. Sheesh! 
Back in June Houston proposed to our girl and of course she said YES! 
SO much has transpired since then, planning the wedding, showers, getting a place for them to live ready, and more... I am going to attempt to get all those pictures uploaded so I can share them with you in the days to come. Maybe one day I will get back to present day blogging rather than catch up. But for now, here's the pictures of the night he proposed. 

I had encouraged Cameo to dress up a little for a dinner she was going to with their family. She scoffed at me and asked "What for?!?!" Later on she laughed with me saying, "MOM! I should have listened to you!" I told her, "I was trying to get you to listen to me without TELLING you what was going on. Maybe you should start listening more." haha. 
She said, "Maybe" ;) 

Houston and his family decorated a community center that was local to where they live. It was so sweet. He also had a nice dinner for them made and had twinkle lights and candles. 
She was so excited and I don't think she had any idea what was coming, even though they had talked about it and they knew they wanted to get married. 

What a precious thing...  to know your life is about to change and your oldest is growing up and will soon begin a life of her own. Thank you Lord for allowing me to go through this with my family.
I am blessed. 

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