Thursday, January 10, 2019

A recap of autumn at our house

Like I said before, the past 6 months or so were an absolute blur for us... well, maybe for me, but I think it was for us all. Thankfully we did get to enjoy some beauty and moments of respite during the craziness of the seasons. Autumn as you know is one of my MOST favorite times of the year. 

We had a cottage prayer meeting at our house.
We had friends and family over.

We had some quiet mornings.
I made a little time for stitching of course!

Teaching myself to make some buffalo plaid crochet pumpkins... and I LOVE THEM!
Keeping our little Ace during the week.

Seeing these two prepare for a life together! 

Having our annual cousin date to go to the movies and eating sushi! And then afterwards we went to a spook house... I have NEVER done that before... I think I was hoarse for a week afterwards from squealing! haha. We had a ball!
We had our annual pumpkin carving, family night at my Moms! 
I always carve a pumpkin that reflects whatever we are doing for Trunk or Treat.
This year was Monsters, Inc. 

I was Roz, can you tell? 
And I like to come up with a play on the theme, so I flipped the M to a W for Woodlawn, which is our church. 

Carlie and Cameo didn't participate with the family this year. They dressed up in other costumes. But I think our little group looked good. Plus, their was a BIG reason why I didn't get to go all out on costumes... the very next day we were heading out on a GREAT adventure!

Trunk or Treat is always a fun time to see friends and family and share the love of the Lord with our community! We always have a GREAT time!

I look forward to sharing about our adventure soon! 
Have a great day my friends! 

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