Tuesday, January 29, 2019

A new dog for Thanksgiving!

At Thanksgiving we had a surprise that we totally DID NOT PLAN ON! We were given a new puppy. Reggie joined the family on the day before Thanksgiving.  
We did not intend to have another pup... but it just worked out that way and he is a fun little guy.
Eli went to a ham shoot on Thanksgiving morning and did so well he won a ham! We were so excited! Ham for Christmas! Hooray!
Reggie and Muck... 
Look how adorable. 

Tuesday, January 22, 2019

Houston and Cameo's Shower

Back in November, we began to "shower" the engaged couple. We had a lovely shower at church with friends and family. 
The food was fantastic and the bounty of gifts were all thoughtful and loving. 

My precious girls. 

Traditions were held to as they kept the ribbons from each present so that I could make her a bouquet to use during rehearsal. 
Another old wives tale was that however many ribbons you cut or broke during the opening of gifts was how many children you would have one day. Isn't it funny how these things got started? 

My sister has a baking business and she made the cupcakes for the shower. They were SO good. Per Cameo's request, pumpkin spice with cream cheese icing. 

And of course, banana punch! YUM!

A picture of four of my all time favorites! 

A GORGEOUS handmade quilt! 

A blanket that I made for them. The yarn was so cozy and snuggly.

Coffee table and end tables hid under the sheets from Papaw. They were just what she wanted! 

Carlie gave them a letter board. It was so sweet. 

It was a grand day and a wonderful shower. Thanks to so many who helped make it special! 

Friday, January 18, 2019

Our Christmassy Tour 2018

The one thing about going on our adventure was that I we were not going to be home to decorate up the house before my birthday... which is the gift I give myself every year. 
But that was ok, because as soon as we got home, the family helped me gather up the decor and get things festive.  
As you can see, the line in "O Holy Night" was lingering in my heart long after seeing it displayed at Magnolia.
I love the look of all the lights in my kitchen. It's so bright and warm and I ADORE how wonderful everything looks.

Another bonus when we got home was that The Great British Baking Show had put out a new season! I was so excited to be able to watch while I worked on a blanket for Cameo and Houston's household shower. 
Christmastime... what a wonderful time of the year. 

Thursday, January 17, 2019

Day 4 1/2, 5, & 6: Paris, TX, OK, and My Birthday

After the wedding we HAD to make one last trek around town and see the claim to fame in Paris, TX. The Eiffel tower with a cowboy hat. 
We looked around for a while and found it. There she stands in her glory... and while we stood there I realized that we may have finally found hats to fit two of the biggest noggins I've ever known, aside from my own. And I was right! 

The hat fit Eli and Adam pretty well. hahahah!!! 

That evening we went back to the house, and cleaned, washed our clothes, and packed up to head out early the next morning for Oklahoma!

We got a BRIGHT and early start, venturing off by ourselves at this point to head towards Oklahoma to visit some dear friends. 
They knew we were coming, but I know they didn't expect us as early as we were gonna roll in that morning. 
Like I said in the past few posts, Eli had felt poorly pretty much the whole trip... but he was up and eager to see his friends. Counting down the miles til we made it to their house. 

He even took a few pictures of the windmills on the way.

We rolled in, before breakfast... bless their hearts. 

Games were brought out IMMEDIATELY! As expected! 
Catan was a must. 
Linz made me coffee and I sat in the kitchen and we talked as she whipped up a great breakfast for us all. 

After a while, they decided to take us to one of their towns claim to fame. 

It was really neat! We had a great time seeing all  the different action figures!
There was even a dress up room for little kids. I thought that was clever!

It was great fun, but I don't even think it would have mattered... everyone was so excited to be together we could have been anywhere. 

The kids pointed out that they thought this guy looked like Uncle Adam! I can see it!!

Back to the house that evening and more games ensued! 

We stayed that evening and around 10:30 pm or so we said our goodbyes and headed out for our 6 hour trek to Memphis. 

And when in Memphis... where do you go?
The mega Bass Pro Shop.

Weary and sleep deprived (that's me), but we made it!

It's my birthday and I decided all those presents looked nice, but I would like the tree best of all. hahah

Or maybe that fireplace? Swoon!!!!

Abe had his eye on a something a little fancier. haha

It was a great day a fun time to spend together for my birthday. 

Eli used his birthday money and bought himself a bow case. We bought some fudge and then we headed out for home. 

It was a wonderful trip. I'm so grateful to have been able to take it with the kids.