Friday, August 3, 2018

Lake Winnie!

We've had some fun adventures lately. 
Last Monday we had another one as we and our youth department from church visited Lake Winnie. 
We had a great group go with us. Lot's of fun, laughs, and a few queasy tummies. But that's kind of expected from an amusement park. ;) 
It was hot and HUMID... mercy. Thankfully there were moments of breeze and eventually we got in the Soak ya side of the park. 
I know I must be getting old, rides used to NEVER bother me. I could ride ANYTHING! I got a little green on the Genie... ugh. No fun!

We had a lot of fun laughing with each other.

Thankful for this cool dip in the lazy river!
The Bumper cars seemed to be more fun than usual. When your group is so big that you need two rides to get everyone through, that's a pretty good thing. 

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