Tuesday, July 17, 2018

Family Time

Last weekend we had EVERYONE home... if you are a parent of young adults with jobs, you may know the rarity of this! And when your eldest asks for the family to do something together your home-body self jumps and says "YES!" 
So we thought about what we could do and decided to use our "kids bowl free" passes and go bowling and then take a little hike around the Nature Center. 

Just in case you didn't know... the kids bowl free is great! You get two free games for each kid, BUT you have to rent shoes. So just know that if you are interested.
Also, here's the link! 
I feel a little guilty because all these years we have lived so close to the Nature Center, but I don't think we have ever visited. Such a shame... but we will rectify that, I have no doubt! 
We thoroughly enjoyed the short little trek we took Saturday evening. 

It was hot as blazes and SUPER humid... blech! But we had a great time!

It's always a thrill to be together with the whole family. 

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