Friday, July 13, 2018

A Day of Sunflowers

Yesterday we got a very, very special treat! I found out about this sunflower field within an hours drive from our house and took the kids and my mom on a little adventure!

It was far prettier than I could have imagined! I actually gasped when I saw the fields! My favorite flower (at least one of them, but probably my most favorite) in SUCH abundance! 
Yellow!!! Yellow!!! Yellow!!!

The farm allows you to go take pictures in the massive fields across the road from their home and then pick your own bouquet in the field behind their home. You get a big bucket and can fill the bucket for $15. It was such fun! 
I loved walking through the fields and seeing all the happy bees. I wanted to stay longer and take more pictures, but things didn't work out that way... it was ok though, because it was HOT... even though we got there at about 9:30 am!
I am so thankful for any time I get to be with my kids. They are growing up SO rapidly... every moment with them is a gift and I want to cherish that.
Speaking of growing up, Carlie just turned 14... it's crazy. 
Abe will be 13 next month! 
Also, if you look closely, there is a teeny green grasshopper on the sunflower he is standing next to!
My little Moma! Bless her, she's so little that I had to look hard for her in the field, the sunflowers were much taller than her! 

This little rascal was a hoot. There was SO much to see that he didn't want to stand still for pics! He wanted to explore! And then a little later he wanted to go to the car and turn the air on... cause he said it was TOO HOT! haha

I love the huge bouquet on my kitchen table! It's perfect!
What a wonderful trip! A beautiful blessing indeed! 

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