Thursday, May 24, 2018

AWANA 2017/2018 Awards Night

Each year we have a special celebration night when awards are given out to the AWANA kids and workers for their diligence through the year. It's always a joy to see the children.

I've worked in AWANA for many years now, in several different roles. This year I was the Game time director... it was a lot of fun because I got to be with each group of kids, not just one! 

Commander Rusty loves to give object lessons, so in true fashion he had one for us last night as well. The kids LOVE those... adults too!

My two babies are still in AWANA, but it makes me proud to say that my two older children are workers in AWANA. My heart is full. 
My Carlie Jean worked exceptionally hard this year and finished all her books and earned the "Meritorious Award"! 
That's a pretty big deal in AWANA and I am so proud of her dedication to learning God's word and excelling in her work. 

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