Friday, March 9, 2018

Yellow and Blue and Sunflowers too.

Right in time for the cold snap... I got out some of my spring decor. Which is usually the way it goes, right?  Or is it just me?
I saw this idea on pinterest with this galvanized 'tire swing' and filling it with pretty spring flowers. 
You can find some gorgeous flowers at the dollar store by the way! 
I took the swing form and added a row of foam to stick the flowers into. It was two blocks cut in half. 
I added my favorite color mix of course. Blue and yellow! 
Sunflowers and blue lupines and a few sprigs of gypsophila. 
I love how it turned out!!! It just screams springtime on my door! 
I love the happy sight on my porch.... now if I can look past the clods of mud, the chicken poo, the cats and chickens nesting in my window boxes, and the piles of boots, airsoft guns and toys... I can keep this pretty picture in my mind. 
Have a wonderful weekend, my friends! 

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