Monday, March 12, 2018

Sunshine on my table

Last week, our very springtime weather was about to take a major turn and remind us that winter is NOT over yet in the South. My daffodils were blooming so beautifully, I hated the thought of the frost biting them and losing all the beautiful color outside... so I rushed outside one very cool morning (in my gown no-less) and cut a huge bouquet sunshine and brought it inside.
I've told you before, when I use a large mouth pitcher I make a "grid" with tape to help fill in and get the middle flowers to stand up nice and tall. I did the same with these. When I cut my flowers, I cut them as long as possible, that way I can trim them down if needed. 
I enjoyed this beautiful sight on my table more than you know. There just is something about fresh flowers from your garden... and all this yellow? Like I said, it was just a bouquet of sunshine through this cold and blustery time. 
Have a great week friends! 

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