Tuesday, March 13, 2018

Bowling with the Youth

Each month we try to do something fun with our youth department.
 Last month we had game night at our house. 
This month we went bowling. 
We will also have a work day at church this month. 
We try to make sure we have a time of service as well as play... We try to encourage our youth to remember that it's not all about games and fun stuff... but we are trying to help them realize that we are here to serve one another and to serve the Lord. I think that is one thing about youth departments that can be dangerous... if we only focus on what's fun, we miss the opportunity of showing that service can be fun and worthwhile! We want to encourage BOTH and if our mind and heart is right they BOTH can be fun! And through ALL of it, we hope to be an example of Christ. No matter what we are doing! To speak love, wisdom, and encouragement to those young people we get to be with, it's a mighty task and we pray that God will use us and help us point them to Him!

We had such a good time! Even if I got some pictures that make people look less than thrilled. It's hard to see what kind of picture you are taking when everything is lit up in blacklights! 

Abe the ham!
My two precious middles! 
Let me tell you... I stunk up the bowling lane! Worst game I have EVER played. 
It was horrible!
But I had a good time! 
My sweetie and I! We realize we are not young anymore. But it's fun to act young for a few hours!

We had a good group, there was about 14 of us. A few had other plans or something came up and were not able to go with us! Hopefully next time!

It's always nice to get out and do something that you don't normally get to do. 
Shannon and I were talking and I think the last time we went bowling, Cameo was about 17? maybe. She will be 21 in May! 
Time flies.
She had plans already or she would have went with us too... 

I pray that these kids will one day look back on our times together with fondness and love. The way Shannon and I do on our 'youth group'. We pray that we will encourage them to press on in the faith and to love Jesus above all, the way our leaders did for us. I pray God will do a mighty work in the lives of each of these precious souls. 

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  1. Oh what fun!!!!! and the memories you will never replace!