Friday, February 9, 2018

The boys adventure

My computer is finally fixed again and I can update again! 
Several weeks ago my boys were able to go on an adventure to a state they have never been to... Arkansas! 
They were able to go on their first ever duck hunt. 
It was cold. And the ducks were a bit scarce, but they had a great time! 
And look at that scenery! BEAUTIFUL!!! 
This is inside one of the 'pits'. They would watch for them down in this thing! Isn't that neat? 
They also drove through an ice storm. And got to visit the largest Bass Pro Shop in Memphis. That is a treat in itself. Haha... they LOVE Bass Pro! 
This is a picture I received while they were driving. It made me nervous, but I just tried my best to turn all my worries into prayers. 
They had a wonderful time and I'm so glad they got the opportunity!