Monday, January 15, 2018

The long way home...

As we left from our little trip in the mountains, we decided to go home the 'scenic' route and we are SO glad we did. 
We went through Cherokee, North Carolina and over the mountain into Gatlinburg, Sevierville, Pigeon Forge, and if we had a bit more time, we would have loved to ride through Cade's Cove in the deliciously cold weather in Townsend. 

We made several little pit stops to look at the view, the ice, the snow, the mountains, and the water.

Several adventurers of mine decided to test the ice to see if it was solid enough to hold them. 

Some places it was thick enough, some were not. 

We could have packed up and cut a trail for home early to beat any traffic or get us home to give us time to get everything ready for the next day... but taking the long way home certainly has its charm and I'm so glad we decided to spend an extra few hours together taking the scenic route instead! Look for beauty friends... it's everywhere if we just have the eyes to see!!! 

Friday, January 12, 2018

Cabin time with family

While we were gone over the weekend, we stayed at a cabin with the family. 
It was really cold which made it GREAT to be in the mountains! 
It's always fun to wake up and make a big ole breakfast for everyone! The kids LOVED being with their cousins! 

Trying to get a picture of everyone without a tripod was interesting. ;) haha 
We got it... even if it was a little blurry.
See the steam coming out from the hot tub and then icicles hanging from it?? Yeah... it was that cold. 
The cabin had a wood burning fire place in it, but only one tiny piece of wood. So the boys got after it and trudged outside to gather some! 

Some boys stayed inside and snuggled with Popa. 

These hard working guys went out and gathered enough for the weekend and Chris bought some dry kindling to help because most of the wood was wet from the snow. 

My sweet husband knows how I love a fire and he was determined to get one going for us.
In no time we had a roaring blaze! Talk about cozy! 
Then we had the hot tub crew waiting to brave the cold in order to enjoy the hot! It was worth it!!!!

It was a great weekend together! 

Thursday, January 11, 2018

Skiing in the Smokies

This past weekend my family was blessed with a trip to the mountains of North Carolina to go skiing! We had a wonderful time! 
This was the first time that any of my family had tried to ski, so to be sure, this was an experience! 
But after a little practice they did really well! 
My sister's crew!

These four were the late owls who stayed til late with Uncle Chris!
Here's Carlie learning to put her skis together in the front to help her stop!
Kade did a spread eagle! ;) 
What crew of cuties!
The first night we were there Shannon and Eli gave snowboarding a try.
They swapped over to skis after a little while, thinking it might be best to learn to crawl before you can walk... this was their first time at trying any of it! 

Here's the nighttime crew! 
Chris, Kade, Logan, Hunter, Elijah, and Shannon

Deacon enjoying a few minutes in the snow! 
Cameo and Houston started out with snowboarding and they did well! A few bumps and bruises and falls, but they persevered! 

I asked Shannon to send me pics and he sent me the one above. ;) 
He's so funny, and a cutie too!

Hunter (my little brother) was the only pro of the group. Chris got a picture of him from the chair lift. 
Then he got a pic of a wipe out too. haha
It was such a fun time! We hope to try and go skiing again sometime in the future!