Thursday, December 21, 2017

Homemade Christmas Ornaments

Each year during Christmas, we like to give a little something to those who help work with our children. Teachers at church, our piano teacher, co-op teachers, etc. 
Occasionally we find something that we can buy, but when we can I like for us to make the gifts... it just seems more meaningful to me. I love a homemade gift. 

If you need to make a lovely and affordable gift, here's how we made this trio of ornaments.

You will need:
  • Blank ornaments that has removable lid. We found these at Walmart.
  • Hot glue

  • Paper Shred in your choice of colors. Again, we found this at Walmart and I loved the rustic idea of the brown, but there are lots of other colors out there. 
  • Fabric scraps. These were some old flannel pajama pants that were beyond repair. I cut little notches and then ripped the fabric into strips for more of that homespun look. I like the frayed edges. 

  • Then I went into my silhouette machine and typed out the words I wanted. I chose a pretty font, in this case it was "Farm Fresh" and I sized each word to how large the ornament would need. For these, they are slightly larger than 2".... around 2.2x2.4"ish.

First step:
Remove the ornament lid/hook
Loosely fill the ornament with paper shred. You don't want to compact this.
Add a smidgen of hot glue to the top of the ornament lid to keep the ornament from coming apart. 

Remove your vinyl letters with your transfer tape and place on ornament. 
Smooth from the middle out, removing all air bubbles.
Gently pull the transfer tape off and smooth letters again.
Take your strip of fabric and tie into a simple bow. 
Adhere bow with hot glue to the neck of the ornament. 
If desired, add twine, yarn, jute, etc for a hanger. 
These are the pictures our piano teacher sent of the ornaments on her tree. I love how they turned out!

So there you go... a beautiful ornament to share with those you love and appreciate. 
Affordability doesn't have to seem 'cheap' when you put a lot of thought and love in the process. 

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