Friday, December 22, 2017

Carlie's gift to Ace

Back during our last semester of homeschool co-op, Carlie had a project come up in her sewing class. It was to make a small throw quilt. She immediately knew what she wanted to do with her project. She wanted to make it into a gift for Ace. We went and picked out the fabric and then this girl got busy.
I was so impressed with her cutting and piecing and her determination through the whole thing to get it right. She really wanted it to be nice for him.
Then after she finished it, she wanted his name on the back and a little message from her in the corner, so he could remember when she gave it to him. 
He was beyond adorable while opening his gift. Making sure to put all his ripped paper in a pile and then to throw the pile away once he opened the package. 
Carlie takes after her Grandma Jean... that box was taped up so much that she had to give a little helping hand to Ace. ;) 

That face below when he pulled it out of the box.... I absolutely melted.  
My girl, she is so thoughtful, kind, and giving...  and I'm so glad she's mine. 
Happy Christmas everyone! 

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