Thursday, November 9, 2017

Show and Sell '17

Each year on the last Saturday in September, in Rock Springs,  my aunt and her church hosts their annual "Show and Sell". I always look forward to taking a trip that way and checking out what people are making. Crafting and artistry just amazes me. So many different ways of making things. I just love it. So many talented people. 
I set up several years back. It was a lot of fun... a lot of work too! 
I love seeing little ole ladies with their crocheted goodies and little ole men with their wooden toys.. but craft fairs have grown SO much, there is really no limit to what you might find while you are there. Metalworking, pottery, fiber, jewelry, and the list goes on! 

Metal works are big right now. Look at these t-rex figures! They are incredible! 
If you have the opportunity to buy from a 'maker', please do so! Keep your Christmas giving local if you have the chance! It helps more than you know!

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