Thursday, November 16, 2017

Railroad Field Trip

Last week we had the pleasure of taking a field trip to the Tennessee Valley Railroad Museum and we got to ride on one of the oldest railroads in the country! It was a nice cool day and my nephews were out of school and one was able to go along with us! A double treat! 

We signed in with our group and waited at the junction. We had so many going we had a railroad car to ourselves. 

Our little buddy Ace LOVED the train and was so excited to see the "Choo Choo"! He enjoyed waving at everyone we passed while we were on the train. 


The air was cool, but the sun was bright!!

Ace was getting pretty sleepy about midway through our ride, and by the time we got to the halfway point, he crashed. While the engine got turned around, we stayed in the car and let him snooze. He's so precious. 

But after that he was up and raring to go again! He loved looking at all the replicas. He was a especially fond of this one!

It was a fantastic day! 

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  1. Thank you so much for the adorable frozen hat! The package arrived yesterday (Thursday)and Ella will love it. I also found a pair of "frozen character pajamas to add to the birthday box. Enjoyed the pictures of the train as we have been on that same train ride.Blessings, Carolyn in Fl.