Friday, November 10, 2017

Growing up

Well... this happened last week. Yep. My son is now able to drive on the road with an adult. Wasn't he  my little toddling terror about 5 minutes ago? Seriously y'all, when people say time flies... it's double for a Moma. This is wild. I am full of such pride and joy but at the same time, my heart misses the old days when he would crawl up in my lap and talk to me of things that made him wonder. At 15 now... we still talk, but it's usually of things that make me wonder. haha ;) 
Being a mother... I can't even describe how much I love it. I love these four of mine more each and every day... even when they bicker and I could hang them up by their toes, I would move the mountains for them. 
Eli had the opportunity to be the last one of the kids to be able to drive "Bessie" our suburban. She finally laid down on us for real this time. Two days before my birthday no less.... We loved that vehicle. Cameo drove Bessie on her first day with a permit and Eli was able to as well. I have always said I wanted them to be able to drive anything. That's how I was taught, and it made me better for it. 

This will be my view a lot for the next year. I'm proud to be able to take it. 
Enjoy your kids, friends. Every. single. day....
because this growing up stuff happens, and it happens quickly. 

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