Monday, November 13, 2017

Christmas Crafting '17

This year is no different... Christmas crafting is in full swing around here. Lot's of fun ideas floating around and plenty of making to be shared. 
This Christmas countdown board is one of my newest items and I have them listed on my Etsy also! 
The board is magnetic, you can stick it on your fridge or use a command strip to hang it on your wall. It comes with the decoration on the board and a dry erase marker so you can count down your days with your little Who children. 

Country Christmas Scrappy tree skirts are being made again. (these are in my shop also)
This skirt was made for a candy tree. Lot's of bright, pretty colors, candies, and gingerbread! I LOVE how it turned out!

For those who may not want a Grinchy countdown, I have a basic, but pretty Christmas countdown also! 
This dons the back of my vehicle. I love it! 
I made myself a Buddy shirt.... I think it's my favorite shirt yet! 
More Christmas Scrappy Tree skirts. 
Crocheting, crafting, and making oh my. 
Enjoy your creative time, my friends. 

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