Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Woodlawn at the Creation Museum

After spending our first day at the Ark and having such a wonderful time, we had plans to visit the next day at the Creation Museum. My family visited the museum 6 or 7 years back, and we loved it so much, we were THRILLED to get to go back. 
A word of advice to those who may go to visit... give yourself PLENTY of time. That is the only regret I have from this trip, is that in planning everything for our group, I should have allowed MORE time at each place. We spent hours at each attraction, but I would have liked to have had much more time. 

The botanical gardens were absolutely exquisite. I LOVE nature! Moss, water, trees, flowers, all the varieties of animals seen here and there... it was one of the most beautiful gardens to walk through. I think I could have spent the better part of the day in this area alone! 

Remembering from our last trip, the book store was a spot that my whole family was excited about visiting. My boys and husband especially loved this suit of armor on display inside the bookstore. 
The Creation Museum truly is a beautiful place too. Just like the Ark, everything is lovely to behold. 

And if you go... BE SURE to take part in the "Snakes Alive" show. You won't regret it. Even I, who is  NOT a fan of snakes, I enjoyed myself immensely. After admitting to Mr. Rick Teepen how I was afraid of snakes, I got the opportunity to combat my fears and help hold "Daisy" the python. And I picked up a Madagascar Hissing Cockroach. I have no issues with bugs. haha

My kids, who are fearless when it comes to snakes had no problem at all getting in on all the snake fun at the snakes alive show. 
I enjoyed my time at the Creation Museum so much. I'm exceedingly thankful for such a God-honoring place for my family and our church group to visit. A place to encourage truth and reverence of creation and The Creator. My prayer is that they will remember this place for days and years to come and it will be a constant help and encouragement to them in their faith.

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