Wednesday, August 30, 2017

The First Field Trip of the year

Last week we started back to our homeschool lessons full-time, and I would never plan an outing that soon into the year, but sometimes you just have to go with it.  I learned on Thursday that a little tea room in Chattanooga that I visited once before with Carlie was closing down for good. I was surprised, because it is such a neat little place. I was a little worried too, because Carlie had received a $30 gift certificate to the tea room that we had yet to redeem! I kept saying, "I'll save this for a special day and then we will go..." 
Well, this mom had to get to planning quickly or that was not going to happen. 
So early Friday morning, I got up and got cleaned up and got the children up early as well. I told them to shower and dress decent because we were going somewhere. 
You have no idea what kind of nonsense happened thereafter. 
Questions by the hundreds... 
"Where are we going?"
"What are we doing?" 
"Are we having a 'homeschool day' somewhere?"
"Is it homeschool day at the aquarium?"
"Is it homeschool day at the zoo?"
"Are we going to meet friends somewhere?"
The questions lasted most all morning til we left.
I told them we were going to go into Chattanooga and visit the Library book sale, Hobby Lobby, and then go to the tea room. 
I believe their hopes may have been more exciting than what they found out. But I was determined that we would have a good time. I wanted us to leave early, because I felt sure that the tea room would be very busy with that being the last day.... everyone who ever loved going there might want to get in just 'one more time.'
It opened at 11, so we showed up around 10:25 am after running our other errands. 
It was pretty funny because although my boys THOROUGHLY enjoy tea time at home, when they got a look at the place they were a bit unsure of going in and having tea at a place that looked so feminine. I told them that many men have tea, and just because the place looked beautiful and feminine that their masculinity was not being questioned at all. 

Like I said, we got there early so we sat at the little cafe table outside. Even that was adorable. I love mosaics. 

We were happy that we got their early because within another 10 minutes there was a line being formed around the block.

It was just as lovely as Carlie and I remembered. 
Carlie enjoyed herself very, very much and was so thankful to be able to come back one more time. 
We all shared the "Victorian Tea" which had two traditional English scones, finger sandwiches, 'biscuits', cheese, etc. There was just enough for everyone to get a little bite or two of each item. Thankfully we had that gift certificate, because it was certainly out of our price range, which made me remember why we had not been back in a while. It HAD to be a special occasion for us.
And thankfully this was.
There were people lined up though, out the door, around the block, standing and waiting for their special occasion. 

I'm so glad we had one more opportunity to visit and that the boys got to go this time. After we finished they both said, "That food was great! It really made up for the place looking so girly! And, Mom... do you think you could learn to make some scones like those?"
Always about the food with my boys. haha

Do you have a great traditional scone recipe? Would you mind sharing with me? Please leave me a comment or email me at joyfullychas@gmail.com

Have a wonderful day friends, and make sure to make those special moments happen with your loved ones!

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  1. I love going to places like that, we have a little place called Cobbler Cafe with the best cobbler ever. It looks like a coffee shop, a great place to visit. What a nice day you all had, I am glad your boys make it through the cuteness. *- (wink)