Wednesday, August 23, 2017

Solar Eclipse Fun

Our Monday first day of homeschool/solar eclipse party was a GREAT success! 

We read and calculated and created and more!!!

 One of my favorite instagram accounts was offering a 25% off coupon, so I ran over and printed up this Constellation chart that she offers on her etsy shop. She draws and designs these cards and sheets herself and they are a wonderful addition to our homeschool room. They are really beautiful. 
I already had her moon phase cards, we used those in some of our activities as well!  

Ace wasn't interested in making a moon phase... so he just ate the "moon" whole. ;)
The kids enjoyed the constellation making out of pretzel sticks and mini marshmallows. Especially my Abe. After everyone else was moving on to other things, he was still in there building more. 

The cookie monster!!!




We also had cookies and chocolate frosting to cover. They made different phases of the moon with these items. 

Carlie's Waning Quarter

And Abe's... he decided to use marshmallows as well!

For lunch we had croissants or as we say "crescent rolls" and all kinds of yummy sandwich making supplies. Sun chips and cucumber slices with ranch. 
After lunch we cleaned up, worked a little longer on lessons and made our way outside... Abe set up some chairs for us and I worked on making Ace a special set of glasses.
He wasn't a fan of the glasses at. all. 
But thankfully I was able to get at least one picture of him with them on. 

Watching and waiting
We were all pretty awe-struck at the sight! I wanted to be able to get a picture, but my camera didn't cooperate. Thankfully though there will be another in April of 2024! So maybe then I will be able to get a good picture. ;)
As I sat there and watched this marvelous event with my children, I was filled with awe and joy. For one, the God who we love and serve made the sun, moon, stars, planets, and everything in them. Including me and you. He loves us and He made us for a reason... a purpose. We have meaning. 
Two... I was able to experience this with most of my kids. Thankfully Cameo and I were able to talk afterwards and she was able to get a little bit of a glimpse of it at work.
Making the choice to stay home with my children has never been the 'easy road' but it has been the 'right road' for us. We have to make sacrifices and there are days when things are difficult... but being able to experience life and events like this alongside my children are so worth it. There's no job in the world I would rather do, no place I would rather be, than here with my family.

Have a wonderful day, friends.

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