Monday, August 28, 2017

Keeping flowers a little longer...

A few weeks ago, I bought myself a dozen roses that were on the clearance aisle at the supermarket. Rarely I buy fresh flowers, but I had a pretty nice bouquet of wildflowers I had picked from my cutting garden and I thought about how pretty the roses would be in the mix. So I did it. I bought the $6 roses and brought them home. 
I had this enamelware bean pot that was fairly short and wide and I thought it would make a beautiful centerpiece filled with fresh flowers... but it would take a TON of flowers to fill that pot. So I have a little trick for you. I took some regular ole scotch tape and made a grid across the pot. Stretching the tape from one side to another and then running the tape across the opposite direction. 

That gave me a great template to which I could arrange my bouquet. 

The bouquet lasted all week and was such a sweet sight on my kitchen table.  But by the next Saturday, a week later, I had several flowers beginning to droop. 

So I found a couple of smaller vessels for smaller arrangements, used the scotch tape method again, (you can see the beginnings of that below) and filled a couple of the smaller vases with what flowers still had a bit of spunk in them. 
This turquoise teapot was given to me when I participated in a secret sister swap between bloggers. It was so much fun! It was many years ago, but I still love this teapot. I believe my secret friends name was Renee. 

Here's another tip! I also took any zinnias that were lifeless and lopped the dead head off and put it into a baggie to keep for next year. They can be rubbed between your hands and let the seeds fall and it is a super easy way of planting. 
These flowers look almost as beautiful going on week 2 as they did when I first arranged them week 1. There just isn't anything like fresh flowers on your table. 
Have a wonderful day.

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